Jennifer Roe

Energy Healer | Spiritual Advisor
Chi Gung Practitioner | Advanced Reiki Practioner

Stillness is what creates Love
Movement is what creates Life
To be Still - Yet still moving
That is Everything

- Chinese Haiku


Jennifer Roe Energy Healer Spritual Advisor

Hi, my name is Jenn and I am an energy healer and spiritual advisor. I have been happily living in Durango, CO for 20 years with my two amazing boys and our dog, Gus. Regardless of the activity, as long as I am outdoors enjoying the sunshine, I am in my happy place. Music, books, and meditation are other ways I like to feed my soul. Several years ago, I found my life path, my highest purpose, as a healer by studying the Psychic Arts and Red Hat Chi Gung under a remarkable mystic and Chi Gung Master, Beverly Anderson. I’m also certified as an Advanced Angelic Reiki practitioner via my studies with Marie Redfeather, a Shamanic Healer, and Angelic Reiki Master.

Energy Healing

Jennifer Roe Energy Healer Spritual Advisor

Energy is everything. We are energetic beings, everything around us is energy and energy heals. As eternal beings we hold on to emotions, karmic baggage, pain, and other negative energies that have the tendency to keep us stuck in a place where we aren’t thriving, aren’t growing, and/or aren’t being our true selves. Oftentimes, it is this very baggage that creates these blockages, which may turn into dis-ease. Dis- ease may manifest itself emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

As a healer, I am able to work with the energetic body and help to release the blocks that are preventing you from moving forward. As a spiritual advisor, I am able to provide you with messages from your angels and the energies around you. Together and with the assistance of the Universal life force energy we can peel back the layers and get your energetic body flowing which will then affect all other aspects of your life - in a good way, in a healthy way, in a true way.

The healing frequencies that I work with are very grounding and attuned to the feminine healing properties of Mother Earth and the Universal life force that is the light of our being. I will work alongside you to help you reach a place where you are the true owner of your destiny, of who you were born to be. It is time to let go the very things that are holding you back. It is time to move forward and to take control of who you are and what your purpose is. It is time to let your soul shine!


I’ve seen Jenn twice now. Each time has been a very eye opening experience. She has a very calm, warm, safe and loving energy. She constantly checks in to see how you are feeling and always goes at a pace that is comfortable. She has helped with my confidence in dealing with life. I feel I have grown each time as the work creates an awakening or remembering of things forgotten. She is very gifted and this work is obviously her purpose in life.

Holly F
Jenn has worked on me energetically on several occasions and I can say that each session with her has really shifted my Being in positive and meaningful ways each time. I've been to several healers over the years, each practicing various modalities and I can truly say that Jenn has a unique set of energetic frequencies that she accesses while doing her healing work. She has such an intuitive knowing of how to move, balance and integrate energies on all levels of one's being. She brings separate parts of oneself into a balanced whole with such ease. It's as if a Divine Integration has taken place on all levels of consciousness!  It's truly magical! I highly recommend Jenn and her healing practice for those who really want to go to a deeper level of healing within themselves.  You will feel her integrity, wisdom, compassion and reverence for your soul the moment you walk thru her door.

Whitney Lamb -Durango Angel Channeler, Psychic Medium & Angelic Reiki Practitioner
This was my first experience with energy work in my adult life and I was a little wary at first. Jenn immediately built trust with me with her openness to my feelings and also her commitment and passion for the work she was about to accomplish with me. My first two sessions not only opened my outlook to Qi Gung through the breakthrough’s Jenn had with me, but also opened me to more spiritual thinking in my day to day connection to myself, my past experiences and what I’m moving forward to do and be.

Jenn Bartlett-Durango
"I recently went and saw Jenn for a couple sessions and all I can say is, wow! I wasn't sure what to expect but Jenn was very professional and was able to make me feel comfortable about the whole process. Her insight and abilities really "shook the tree" for me and gave me some ideas and plans for the future. Her passion for her work really shows and I left each session feeling better and "lighter" than when I came in..."

Having studied Energy Medicine myself, I emotionally recognize Jenn Roe as a true Healer. She is committed to personal integrity and offers a safe, compassionate force field around those she serves. I believe her insight, wisdom, assessments and communication will guide her in building collaborative relationships on deep levels with those seeking personal growth and health. I believe the Universe gives us all unique gifts and appropriate times to let them shine. I am grateful Jenn’s gift will be a powerful resource to the minds, bodies and souls of this community.

Jenny Marx -Dancing Willow Herbs-Durango

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Jennifer Roe
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